Why is Fascia important?

Fascia refers to the sheet of connective tissue which covers the whole body from head to toe. Imagine is it like a spider cobweb surrounding each muscle, muscle fibre, bone, blood vessels and our organ.

When the body is functioning at optimal level, our fascia moves and glides perfectly around every muscle, organ and bone and our body is pain free. However, our sedentary lifestyle, injuries, trauma, surgery all contribute to how our fascia moves and causes tightness in certain areas.

You experience a burning sensation or aches when you have fascia tightness. Since the fascia is like a whole big cobweb, if you have tightness in one area, the fascia may compensate in another area of the body. For example if you have a knee injury, fascia tightness in the knee may cause impaired movement in the ankle.

In our pilates classes North Sydney we sometimes use balls, foam roller to release fascia tightness and help get your body back to optimal levels. Clients feel more open and have less aches and pains


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