Practical Experience

Our education centre focuses on students getting a practical experience getting them prepared to teach in the real world. 

The course covers

  1. Fundamentals principles
  2. Anatomy
  3. Modifications for injury
  4. Practical experience 

At Corepower Pilates we highly value practical experience. For our Virtual Mat Pilates Certification course, you will be taught live with highly trained pilates teacher trainers and will be given feedback constantly throughout the course. Feedback will be given on your Pilates workout, teaching technique and cuing when you teach others throughout the Mat and Tower Certification Course. Students will also get a lot of hands on experience and observations at our Pilates Studio. Students will also be able to bring their own ‘clients’ to practice on during the Tower Certification Course to practice their teaching skills. The teachers at Corepower Pilates will be there to answer any questions students may have. You will have access to the Pilates studio for self practice and practical experience as well as observation of classes. 

Meet Your Teacher Trainers

Amy is the studio director of Corepower Pilates and her love of pilates started almost 20 years ago starting with Mat Pilates at a gym. She later moved to NYC and graduated from Core Pilates NYC Classical Certification Program. During her time in NYC she worked with leading pilates instructor trainers such as Alycea Ungaro taking her courses and other teachers who worked with teachers with lineage to Joseph Pilates himself. She also got her second certificate from Peak Pilates Classical Pilates Certification Program to further her knowledge. She was also accepted to become a Master Instructor for Peak Pilates for Australia to lead Pilates Certification Courses. Amy loves teaching and wants to share her knowledge of Pilates and wants to offer a practical style course like the ones in New York the birthplace of Pilates. She furthered her studies in injury and worked with leading Olympic orthopaedic surgeon in NY and physiotherapist in Australia. 

Grace is certified in Modern Pilates teaching is currently studying and working on her second Pilates certification in Classical Pilates. She has a background in Contemporary Dance. 

Vivian is our Senior Pilates instructor and Teacher Trainer. She received her certification from the world renowned Power Pilates in New York for the Classical Pilates method 20 years ago. She later went through the Power Pilates teacher training program to teach Pilates Certification Programs. She also received her Doctorate pf Physical Therapy in the US and is also certified in Polestar Pilates. Vivian is full of energy and will be willing and able to answer any questions students may have on their pilates teacher training journey!

Client Testimonials

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