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Who can become a Pilates instructor?

Clients have been asking about whether they can take the Corepower Pilates Teacher Certification Course and whether they can become a pilates instructor? The answer is YES! unless you have a significant injury deterring you from doing all the exercises. 

When I was doing the Pilates teacher training certification in New York at Core Pilates NYC, our group had 20 students. Of course there were dancers, gym instructors, pilates teachers from other teachings. That was intimidating for me! They were so fit! However, more than half the students were like me. Clients who were doing pilates at a studio and wanted to learn more for their own knowledge. A lot of them had daytime jobs and were working professionals who had fallen in love with pilates or had an experience where they were injured or had an ailment and pilates had helped them. Everyone had their own story and the ages were varied from students in their 20s to 50s. 

My Pilates journey to pilates started as a client at a gym in Sydney doing Mat Pilates taught by a teacher from NYC when I first graduated from university. I loved how it made my body feel after a class. I noticed my posture improving and it strengthened my abdominals and helped with my lower backpain from my scoliosis and working as an optometrist.

I really fell in love with Pilates when I later moved to New York for work as an optometrist and started taking Pilates classes on the apparatus at a studio in NYC teaching Classical Pilates. The Tower was my favourite as I loved how it stretched and lengthen my upper back especially with my scoliosis. When I first started it was so hard and I felt like the teacher was out to kill me. My muscles would aches after the class so I would take epsom salt baths in between the Pilates classes. Pilates made me so happy and I was addicted to the wonderful feeling in my body after the Pilates class! 

After returning to Sydney I continued to do Pilates but no one seemed to be teaching the Tower Pilates like I had experienced in NYC. I wouldn’t classify myself as a very sporty person but I loved Pilates so much I decided to move to NYC and take the Classical Pilates Certification Course for myself. I wanted to learn about it and help my scoliosis. The Pilates instructor training course was not easy but all means but it was definitely doable for someone with a ‘S’ curve spine scoliosis working in a daytime sitting job without any fitness qualification. 

Whilst, the goal wasn’t to start a Pilates studio I started the teacher training course as a gift to myself and my body. I was really happy I could help myself with all my ailments and I am so much more aware of my body, posture, how I move. 

Now with the Pilates studio in Milsons Point and starting the Classical Pilates teacher training course in Sydney I am happy to share this fabulous teaching with everyone! 

For anyone thinking about doing the course for yourself, don’t hesitate. Your body will thank you! Learn more about the Corepower Pilates teacher training course by clicking below. 

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