What makes a good pilates certification course?

We have a comprehensive curriculum pilates certification program in Sydney covering anatomy, classical pilates exercises order, modifications, mentoring, practice in body and practice teaching. At Corepower Pilates Academy, we help you become the best teacher in the industry. Our program has also been recommended by numerous pilates instructors from other schools to prospective students.  

At CPP Academy, we are confident if you put in the hard work and go through our comprehensive program you will graduate as an excellent teacher. How do we know? Our graduates are loved by clients. They sometimes even have better feedback and their teaching style is more loved by clients than experienced teachers once they start teaching as a new graduate as they undergo rigorous training. 

I have seen some reformer courses which are 3 weeks. Think about when you were learning a new skill like swimming, do you think you can master swimming in 3 weeks? I think not. Pilates is the same, it is not simple. If a client has been coming to the studio for 3 weeks, we are just getting started.

If you want to become the best loved teacher you need to take one step at a time, be guided, mentored and undergo a comprehensive program. 

I know the clients at Corepower Pilates certainly do not want to be taught by someone who graduated a short 3 week program. Would you? 

Just like buying a bag at the market and one at the luxury store. We know they do the same thing but the quality is not the same and the one at the markets won’t last. 

Once you become the best teacher you will then be able to build a clientele who won’t compete on price. Clients are willing to pay more for a premium service or product. Anyone can open a pilates studio with cheap classes. Learn to become the best in the industry with Corepower Pilates academy and build a successful career as a pilates instructor. Our next mat and reformer certification course intake is in March 2024. 

Cick on link below to find out more and book your free 30 minute consultation with CPP Academy education director.  

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