What made you start Pilates?

We interviewed one of our long standing clients Warrier. He has been taking private pilates sessions twice a week for 4.5 years at Corepower Pilates. He has taken over 400 lessons at the studio! What an achievement! We asked him about his pilates journey at the studio. 

What made you take on a Pilates program?

I was always sceptical about pilates but when a studio opened next door to my apartment. I was curious and now I’m hooked.

What do you like most about pilates?

Discipline and routine

What benefits have you seen?

No more aches or pains. Gives me a fresh start to the day. I feel fitter and I get compliments for my improved posture.

Challenge you are working on?

Just like everyone the midline conflict between whiskey, pilates.

Advice for people thinking of starting?

Start if you are committed and ready to invest. Don’t expect miracle in a week.

What do you like about the studio?

New apparatus and well taken care of. Great, clean environment and not rushed sessions.

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