What is Classical Pilates

What is Classical pilates?

Classical Pilates adheres to the original work as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. It is sometimes called “authentic” or “true” pilates.

Classical Pilates Apprenticeship

The Corepower Pilates Classical Teacher Certification will teach students in the same way Joseph Pilates taught his students to become teachers. Joseph Pilates had several students and Romana was one of his protégé. Romana went on to teach students such as Alycea Ungaro and Bob Liekens. Our teacher trainers Amy and Vivian have been taught by these 2 mentors and have an abundance of knowledge from the Pilates masters in NY. They will be able to guide you in your apprenticeship.

We focus on our students having the best possible practical and teaching experience. Experience the mentorship NY original Joseph Pilates apprenticeship in Sydney. Our rigorous program of practice teaching, practice in body and observation with feedback allows our students to graduate and teach Classical Pilates anywhere in the world!

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