Starting Pilates for High Schoolers

We interviewed one of our youngest member of your Corepower Pilates Community Sienna! Sienna has been coming to our Pilates studio in Kirribilli for the past one and a half years. She started as a year 12 student and came with her mother to group tower pilates classes. We asked Sienna a few questions about her pilates experience at Corepower Pilates North Sydney. 

What made you take on a pilates program as a high school student? 

I was so stiff and sore from sitting at a desk all day, especially during exam periods, so I thought pilates in Kirribilli would be a great way to keep fit and flexible.

What do you like most about Pilates? 

It works muscles that you didn’t even realised were tight, as well as stretching out all the muscles that get overworked throughout the week.

What benefits have you seen?

My posture has greatly improved and my body has strengthened and toned up at the same time.

Challenge you are working on?

Trying to keep my awareness in my body and knowing when I’m overexerting my muscles.

Advice for students thinking of starting?

It’s a fantastic way to destress and release all the tension that your body builds up during the school year. You really don’t know how beneficial it is for you until you try it.

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