Shoulder and neck tightness and Pilates in Kirribilli

Meet Emily who is an accountant and has been attending Private Pilates session once a week in Kirribilli for 1.5 years. She sits at a desk all day and suffers from shoulder and neck tightness from using the computer for work.

What made you take on a pilates program?

I had chronic neck and shoulder ache from working in front of a computer all day. I couldn’t turn my neck and went to see doctor. I was referred to have a CT scan and they found a bone growth on the neck. The doctor recommended to do physiotherapy which wasn’t helpful in alleviating my neck and shoulder pain. The physiotherapist recommended pilates at their practice to strengthen neck muscles but I found a pilates studio in Kirribilli which is closer to home.

What do you like most about Pilates?

Doing pilates in Kirribilli regularly has strengthened my core muscle, eased neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Doing pilates classes has alleviated shoulder and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting at a desk. I love Tower Pilates class to release the tension in my shoulders and neck and my body feels so much better at the end of each pilates class.

What benefits have you seen?

Pilates has increased my flexibility and I can do the splits now. Friends have commented my body shape has changed and I look leaner.

Challenge you are working on?
I am constantly working on maintaining my core muscle strength and shoulder stability. It is an ongoing challenge to keep the muscles strong.  

Advice for people thinking of starting?

Invest in private sessions as you don’t want to get injured. You should keep going even after your body feels better and maintain momentum for maintenance. 

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