Seniors Pilates Class North Sydney

Seniors Pilates Class North Sydney

With the growing popularity with older clients wanting a low impact exercise, pilates is the exercise program of choice. Corepower Pilates is happy to announce we have added a new Increase Vitality for Seniors Pilates class on Mondays at 10am. This is already a popular class with local seniors from Milsons Point, North Sydney, Lavender Bay and Kirribilli

The Seniors Pilates Class North Sydney is a slower paced class focusing on core strength, stretching and balance. A strong core is important for good posture and healthy back. During the seniors pilates class North Sydney we use the springs and the tower apparatus to stretch the upper and lower back, legs and tight hips. Clients love the feeling of being more open at the end of each class and notice increase in flexibility. During the seniors pilates classes we also focus on ankle mobility, stretching out all the muscles on the feet and exercises strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. These all contribute to better balance and helps to prevent falls.

In an article “5 Fitness rules to follow if you’re working out in your 60s, 70s and beyond,” it recommends incorporating pilates into fitness routine and prioritising spinal health. Joseph Pilates said “A man is as you as his spinal column.” “If your spine is stiff at 30,” he once said, “you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.”

The North Sydney Seniors pilates class is a great way to do pilates in a friendly, social and less intimidating environment among other older clients.

Click here to book Increase Vitality for Seniors Class.

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