Can I apply for the Pilates Certification Course if I have never done Pilates before?

We have had many enquiries about the Classical Pilates Certification Course Sydney application process. One of the most common question has been. Can I do the Classical Pilates Certification Course if I have never done Pilates before? 

There are prerequisites for the Classical Pilates Certification Course. You will need to demonstrate you have physical capability before joining the course. If you have never taken any Pilates classes or when we assess you your body isn’t ready, you need to take classes prior to the course with one of our Teacher Trainer instructors. This is to ensure you are proficient in Pilates in your body to take course. 

As it is a Teacher Instruction Course it is more important to be able to teach your clients but our teaching philosophy is also based on a physical component so you will need to learn the exercises in your body. It’s good to know in your body so the teacher knows what it feels like when a client does an exercise. However, we wouldn’t push anyone to do exercises they aren’t ready for in their body. Modifications will be given if needed for all students. 

We are a small company so each student will have more attention from us. We pride ourselves in graduating teachers who have the experience and knowledge to teach clients in the real world. We teach in English and your manuals will all be in English step by step as well as instruction by our professional instructors. We teach the original Classical Pilates Method taught by Joseph Pilates himself. So we require a basic communication ability in English and it will helpful to you to become a good instructor as your career.

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