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Pilates journey with Scoliosis

I had a lot of back pain due to my ‘S’ curve scoliosis. My spine curves to the right shoulder and left hip. At the worst of times, the pain woke me up in the middle of the night. For many years I tried a lot of treatment such as Chiro, physio, acupuncture, massage and some were helpful in some way but pain alleviation were short lived.

In 2011, I lived in New York City and I stumbled upon a pilates studio with ‘machines.’ I took a tower class and they only had the strong extremely tough springs. My body was so sore and I had to keep taking epsom salt baths for weeks after classes. Despite the challenge, my body felt amazing and so open, stretched and straighter. I returned to Sydney wanting to continue my new found love of tower pilates only to be disappointed there were no tower pilates to be found in Sydney!


I soon returned to NYC to train to be a pilates teacher as I wanted to experience and share the amazing feeling of pilates. Joseph Pilates opened his FIRST pilates studio in NYC. I took the classical pilates training which is the original teaching of Joseph Pilates. Whilst it was challenging and tiring doing pilates everyday (in the city that never sleeps, I was falling asleep at 9pm!) it felt so good on my body. My background of sitting down all day, the pilates apprenticeship was mentally and physically challenging. However, the body is so amazing. Poor posture, body shape, muscles strength can all be improved with proper coaching, effort and tenacity. If I can do it with all my body limitations, anyone can!


People ask if my scoliosis is fixed? In a structural sense no as my spine is still curved. In a functional sense YES as I do not have back or shoulder back pain anymore now I have found pilates! Pilates is an ongoing process to negate the stresses of everyday life on the body of stretching tight muscles and strengthening the core and the whole body. It is easiest to miss a pilates class when life gets busy. I have done that too!! But it is those times, we need to give our bodies a much needed stretch and strengthen the muscles! Happy Pilates everyone! xx

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