Pilates in Kirribilli

How many times a week should I do pilates at Kirribilli?

When you take a pilates class at Kirribilli, you should feel elongated, stretched, taller and stronger after the class. This feeling lasts for a couple of days before habits of sitting all day, slouching and undoing the hard work done during pilates class in Kirribilli. For this reason, we recommend doing pilates in Kirribilli twice a week or more will give optimal results. Of course coming once a week is better than not coming at all! Clients who come twice a week also tend to progress faster and notice changes in their body faster.

What are the benefits of pilates?

Clients often comment they start noticing a stronger core, reduced back pain, a better posture and being more flexible after doing pilates in Kirribilli. Pilates has helped our older clients help pick up their grandchildren easily. Inflexible people are able to do things like putting on their socks with ease. It has helped clients play better golf. “Played the best golf game in my life.” Helped with using core to lift weights instead of straining back.

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