Pilates for older adults

2 weeks ago one of my older adult clients emailed me after her private pilates session, “Success! I walked all the way home without my (walking) stick – how good is that!!” She has been coming to private pilates sessions once a week for the past couple of months and has been using her walking stick for years. She works very hard during the pilates classes and also practices pilates exercises at home.

Pilates is suitable for people of all ages but in particular for 50 years and older. Half of the clients at Corepower Pilates are in this age group and pilates classes in North Sydney is popular among this age group for a reason.

Doing a high impact exercise program is no longer suitable as the joints get stiffer as you get older and it is hard on the body. Running, jumping and slamming the joints when there is less cushioning can lead to injury to the knees and back. Pilates classes in North Sydney is a great low impact workout and protects the knees and back. In pilates, the legs are supported with springs. This support is great for beginners as the springs help lift the leg during exercise putting less strain on the back and knees. The leg springs also strengthen the leg muscles with the added resistance when the leg pushes the spring away.

Building muscle is important as you get older as you lose muscle mass as you age. Pilates is a great way to do resistance training without putting strain on the body. Older adults can also appear to look shorter as they age due to poor posture due to lack of core strength. The discs between the vertebrae lose fluid and shortens the spine as you get older. Taking beginner pilates classes will not only strengthen the core and improve posture but also helps stretch out the spine.

Our pilates classes servicing the area of North Sydney combines resistance training and stretching which is great for older adults to get a full body workout without putting strain on their joints. Everyone comments how they feel taller, more open and stronger after each pilates class. After taking a couple of pilates classes in North Sydney, clients comment they have reduced body, back pain and stiffness and their family and friends notice an improvement in their posture. Our pilates group classes are open to all levels and modification will be given to each level. If you suffer from an injury or have any concerns, then a private session to a great way to start your pilates journey.


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