Pilates community in North Sydney

Previously we interviewed our Corepower Pilates clients who form a part of the CPP community. We interviewed our senior client Carolyn who has been taking private and group pilates classes at North Sydney. She has been taking regular pilates classes for 1.5 years at Corepower Pilates located in Sydney’s lower north shore. Carolyn enjoys the best of both worlds. Having individualised pilates classes with private sessions and an added second group class where she can do pilates with other Seniors in the local North Sydney area. Pilates was the exercise recommended in an article by Well and good in fitness rules to follow for ages 60 and over.

What made you take on a Pilates program?

I started private classes with Amy 18 months ago. I am in my 70’s with worsening spinal & arthritic problems though relatively active. Previous Pilates classes were not pushing me so knew I needed more than a ‘generic’ program. Only 5 minutes walk away coming to CorePower was a no-brainer.

What do you like most about Pilates?

The overall feeling of wellbeing after a class. The private class is tailored for my needs and Amy varies the program each week so it is never boring. Since February have also been attending the seniors classes which are fun and engaging.

What benefits have you seen?

Increased flexibility and less pain – usually walk home without my walking stick & the benefits last for a few days.

Challenge you are working on?

Increasing my level of strength & fitness.

Advice for people thinking of starting?

Just try it! Amy is such a knowledgeable and committed teacher. The combination of a weekly private & group class would be a great way to start. Her response to the covid crisis was impressive with great zoom classes & exemplary hygiene practices back in the studio. Amazingly, I now fit my life around Pilates – previously it was the reverse .

Senior Pilates group class in North Sydney

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