Pilates class will level up your 2024 | Sydney classical Pilates

Having a solid daily routine and doing something consistently helps you build discipline and change your life. Exercise like Pilates which is low-impact and levels up your life

Here are some tips to help you get started in Pilates 💪🏻

1️⃣Find a Pilates class/ instructor that suits your level and preference.

⭐️We have more diverse classes than you could ever ask for. e.g. Duo class/ private/group class

2️⃣Set a consistent schedule for your Pilates practice.

⭐️It also depends on your availability and fitness goals, we urge you to do it at least once to twice every week.

3️⃣Listen to your body and modify the exercise as needed.

⭐️As Pilates is not a one-size-fits-all exercise, there is reformer/ tower/ mat Pilates to adjust the exercises to suit your abilities. 4️⃣Enjoy the process, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

⭐️It takes time to get used to being a reformer and excel in each movement. Instead of viewing Pilates as a physical exercise, it is a mind-body connected exercise to help you relax and focus on yourself.

CorePower Pilates is a Pilates studio at Milsons Point in Sydney, we empower each of you to feel better mentally and physically.

Together, let’s build a better version of ourselves in 2024✨

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