NY Pilates Trip Moments with Amy Hong

Studio director Amy learned all things Pilates and brought back goodies from her recent New York trip!

New tower springs have arrived in the studio. The springs are from the original manufacturer of Joseph Pilates in New York! Amy was given a tour of the workshop where every apparatus is handmade.

You will notice the tension is slightly stronger and you will feel your core working harder! Clients are loving the new springs! Book your Tower Pilates class to see what’s new! 

Amy was also lucky enough to take private lessons with Master Pilates instructors. They are world renowned speakers and some were taught by Joseph Pilates’s students.

Her favourite session was with Blossom who taught her swan on the barrel Kathy Grant style. Kathy Grant was one of two Joseph’s students who he certified to be a pilates teacher. Blossom was a dancer and injured herself and started doing Pilates with Kathy Grant. Blossom taught Amy history of Kathy Grant and some of the original Kathy Grant apparatus. 

Clients have been asking about any new exercises Amy may have learned… Yes! There were some new exercises taught which Amy has shared with some of you during class. More importantly, the training in NY taught and reminded her how to cue clients so they can deepen their core (we call the Powerhouse in Pilates) and watch the body and cue to make the session harder. Some clients have said Amy isn’t allowed to go NY again as the sessions are intense NY style and not Kirribilli Pilates! A good Pilates teacher can make even a beginner exercise hard. Amy experienced this in NY and was reminded how hard a beginner exercise can become with a great teacher!  

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