Minimising concerns regarding COVID-19 at Corepower Pilates

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At Corepower Pilates we take your health and safety seriously. To create an environment for you enjoy your pilates we are implementing these steps to minimise concern regarding COVID-19.

Each tower now has a cleaning station. Please help us disinfect the equipment after class by cleaning everything you touch including mat, straps, clips and bars. We use 70% isopropyl alcohol at our studio to disinfect equipment. Instructors will be cleaning equipment after group classes for a double clean.Instructors already clean and sanitize the equipment after private clients. We have hand sanitizer around the studio for your use.
24 hour cancellation policy has temporarily changed to 8 hours. If you are sick with fever or respiratory symptoms, please do not come to class.If you are sick and you attend class, you may be sent home. Packages will be extended for sickness or for need to self isolate. 
Now mandated by government, if you travel or have returned overseas (or are in close contact e.g. another family member) in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend the studio for 2 weeks from arrival date. 
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