Mat Pilates Certification Course Diary

Our apprentices started the Classical Mat Pilates Certification Course on 30 April! 

They kicked off learning the principles of Pilates, fundamental teaching concepts, history of pilates and of course anatomy. We then started the fun part! Learning all the beginner exercises. Learning the setup, instruction, cues to correct the client, modifications, any cautions and of course the apprentices got to practice every exercise! Of course the teacher trainers had their eagle eye and corrected each apprentice to ensure they were doing the exercises properly! We finished the day with a beginner mat class!

Of course we started off the day with another beginner mat pilates class to get everyone moving and get the blood pumping. The second day the apprentices came into the studio to put what they learned into practice! They took turns being the teacher in front of the class with another apprentice being the client. Nerve racking but necessary for training to become a good teacher and preparation for teaching in the real world. Our Corepower Pilates teacher trainer gave feedback for each apprentice on their teaching. The apprentices then split up into groups and practiced with each other teaching each exercise. The teacher trainer was there to answer any questions and to give constant feedback on the apprentices teaching as well as form of pilates in their body. 

The next weekend, we started off learning the Classical intermediate mat pilates order exercises! We spent more time on each exercise as the intermediate exercises are a little more challenging than the beginner. Hands on cues were focus for some of the difficult exercises. Again, the apprentices taught each other in front of the class! They worked out again doing more pilates!

Our final intensive teaching weekend started off with another classical Pilates mat class of course! Pilates need to know the exercises in their bodies to become a good teacher! How can you teach pilates if you don’t know how it feels in your body and what muscles to use? There was more practicing being the teacher and the client. More mat classes! Then we wrapped up with more anatomy and questions and answers! 

Well done to all the apprentices on finishing their intensive teaching weekends! There is a lot of information and working out! They have been practicing with each other during the week and busy studying now and practicing for their exams and assessments. Good luck for the next 2 weeks on their exams!  

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