Learn Classical Pilates in Sydney

What is Classical pilates?

Classical Pilates refers to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercise system in the 1920s during World War I. It emphasises core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness through a series of controlled movements. All the pilates instructors at Corepower Pilates in Sydney have direct lineage to Joseph Pilates as we were all taught by third generation Joseph Pilates instructors.  

 In classical Pilates we teach the same order of exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. The classical approach follows the specific sequence of exercises created by Joseph Pilates, often using specialized equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac, tower, high ladder barrel and pilates chair. It aims to improve posture, balance, and coordination while fostering a mind-body connection. In classical Pilates each workout should embody the 6 pilates principles. These are breath, concentration, control, precision, centering and flow. Many contemporary Pilates variations exist, but classical Pilates remains true to the principles established by its founder.

At Corepower Pilates, we keep the classical pilates as a foundation but we are also flexible to the clients needs. If a client is injured for example, we will modify the classical pilates workout according. After a classical pilates workout, you should feel tall, lean, strengthened and invigorated. Book a class today!

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