Jumpboard reformer pilates North Sydney

Jumpboard reformer pilates North Sydney

Jumpboard reformer pilates in North Sydney is a great way to increase the heart rate and get in a cardio workout without high impact on joints. Plyometrics is an effective HIIT exercise but for many people, especially the older population it is an exercise which has to be avoided due to a bad knee or back. A lot of the clients who come to Corepower Pilates have had previous knee injury or degeneration and have been advised to avoid high impact sports such as running. Jumpboard reformer pilates North Sydney is a safe way to incorporate plyometrics into exercise routine without having full body weight impacting on knee joints, as you are lying down and jumping.

With strict lockdown rules, it has been challenging getting in regular exercise as well as incidental exercise as we have all been stuck at home. Jumpboard reformer pilates North Sydney is a great replacement for cardio and strengthening the core at the same time! I will be suggesting jumpboard reformer pilates a lot more once the studio reopens in stage two of lifting of restrictions. Jumpboard reformer pilates North Sydney will be a way for clients to get their heart rate back up again and get their body moving without compromising injury to joints.

The video below demonstrates ab series performed on the jumpboard on the reformer. It is challenging keep neutral pelvic alignment, jump and do ab series all at the same time! But you certainly notice results quicker with a much stronger core and is a fun variation incorporating a cardio workout into exercise routine. Looking forward to getting everyone fitter again once pilates studio North Sydney reopens!

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