What abilities you will gain from CPP Pilates Academy course? Believe me, the abilities you learn from the course, you will see the impact in real-time and enhance your competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Foundation of Classical Pilates: our academy courses comprehensive teacher training. We will grow your teaching vocabulary, advance your vocal cueing, alignment and learn new hands-on techniques breathing techniques, etc
  • Professional hands-on teaching: The courses are designed to help you develop your teaching ability and learn how to instruct clients effectively
  • Become knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology: CPP Pilates Academy courses cover the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which is essential for understanding how Pilates exercises affect the body
  • Self-confidence: Pilates has a positive change in your well-being, body, and health, it even helps you to conquer your fear and comfort zone. It will boost your confidence. Research shows that confident people tend to achieve more academically. Your level of confidence even affects how you present yourself to others.
  • Internationally recognized certification: Upon completion of the course,you will receive an internationally recognized certification that will enable you to teach Pilates anywhere in the world
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