How to choose a Pilates Studio to start your pilates journey | classical pilates in Sydney

If you are looking for one of the best Pilates studios in Sydney in 2024, then this is the place for you!
Why should you start your Pilates journey at CorePower Pilates?
1) HIGHEST RATING STUDIO: We are one of the top 6 most recognized Pilates studios in Sydney, with 152 studios reviewed by experts
2) Diversity: You can enjoy both Tower Pilates and Body Shaping Pilates classes. Amy also teaches the most authentic and unique methods to provide you with effective exercise.
3) Great location: Our studio is located next to Milsons Point Station (just a few minutes away) Our studio are accessible to Sydney CBD and North Sydney.
4) Sophisticated pilates director and teacher trainer:
Our director Amy earned her certification in New York and taught more than 10+ years of classical pilates. She also taught countless students, other pilates instructors, celebrities, TV producers, etc.
Amy works so hard to provide the holistic pilates experience to the CPP community and sends love to each of you.
Let’s continue to thrive, grow, and learn at CPP.


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