From New York to Sydney Pilates instructor director Amy, sharing her favorite pilates influencer

  Sharing a few of Amy’s favorite NYC-based Pilates instructors with everyone. They are all a Real model in the pilates industry. Their Instagram will inspire you to experience classical pilates, how classical pilates workouts fit the human body, and be inspired by these knowledgable and sophisticated classical pilates instructors. “New York is a hub for the fitness industry, Pilates is one of them” 1. @elaine_ewing: Apprentice of Joseph Pilates’s third-generation, certified Authentic Pilates teacher through the New York Pilates Studio. Her account features different forms of Pilates workouts and tips, so you can understand more about classical Pilates and how to perform exercises correctly and safely. 2. @katie.yip: Katie Yip is the founder of Paradigm Studio, a Pilates-based fitness studio in New York City. Her Instagram account features a lot of stretch inspo with Cadillac, her flexibility always makes the movements seem fun and challenging. On her account, you can observe her movements and explore the benefits of doing Cadillac to relieve tight
body. 3. @kiraslamb: Kiras Lamb is a certified Pilates instructor in Brooklyn, New York. Her Instagram account features lots of valuable knowledge about the concept of “Contrology” and videos regarding the classical mat Pilates movement. We all know that Amy earned her Pilates instructor certification in New York and learned from third third-generation instructor. Now, she is a professional Pilates teacher trainer and owner in Sydney and dedicating her classical Pilates expertise back in her studio – Core Power Pilates. At CPP Academy, we are confident if you put in the hard work and go through our comprehensive program you will graduate as an excellent teacher.
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