FAQ about Pilates

Clients who visit our Pilates Studio North Sydney ask the same questions. We have compiled a list of FAQ about Pilates.

How often should I do Pilates?

  • In short, 2-3 times a week. Most people notice a difference in their bodies after taking pilates class in North Sydney. They feel taller, better posture and feel less aches and pain. In a perfect world, your body remains like this until you come to your next pilates class! However, sitting at a desk all day, slouching on the couch, slamming your knees and  back while running undo all the wonderful things you’ve done in your pilates class. Clients say they feel wonderful for a couple of days after class and then they revert to their poor habits. Ideally, you want to do pilates every couple of days to maintain your body. Clients who come more often improve and progress much faster than someone who comes once a week.

Should I do a private pilates session or group pilates class? 

  • If you have never done pilates, taking a private pilates session is ideal. Anyone who has taken pilates class in North Sydney will tell you there is so much to remember and is different to any other type of exercise class they have taken before. You will build the foundations of pilates with a one to one session so all focus is on you and will receive corrections and individualised exercises catered to your body. A lot of people stay with a private pilates session but if this is not an option, a group pilates class is a great way to continue. The group pilates class North Sydney is faster paced than a private pilates session. You will have to change the spring settings yourself and be more self sufficient. It is a fun atmosphere and you can get to meet other locals in the area.

I’m so tight and stiff. Can I do Pilates?

  • Pilates North Sydney with equipment is perfect for people who have tight muscles to increase flexibility. Tight back and shoulders lead to a lot of pain if untreated. Loosening the tight muscles through exercise is the best way for long term maintenance. Some of our clients have never touched their toes in their lives and now they are so flexible even for those 50 years plus!



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