“This would be your reaction when your Pilates trainer tells you that he/she becomes a qualified Pilates certification in less than a month.”



When it comes to learning a new skill like pilates and swimming? Do you think you can MASTER it in 3 weeks? Even a fast learner needs to take a certain amount of time to become a pro in a particular subject area. 

Just like a university degree, why does it take you generally 3-5 years to graduate from uni? because uni plans your curriculum and there are mandatory courses and prerequisites for you to fulfill. 


This is why our pilates certification course will never be a course that can be finished in weeks, but maybe up to months to finish. 

We need to ensure the students graduate from CPP academy to become premium and professional instructors in the field. We tailor-make a high-standard and comprehensive training plan for our apprentices to follow: 

Some examples: 

  1. Anatomy and physiology test
  2. Pilates principles
  3. Classical Pilates movements: cover all muscle groups of your body
  4. Hands-on teaching, cueing, glossory and clear instructions
  5. Classes observation 
  6. Weekly group class training etc. 

If it is easy, it is definitely not Pilates. Getting the qualification not simply attending the training course, but required hours for: observation, homework, practice teaching, self-mastery, research and group class participation. 

* CorePower Pilates already has taught countless pilates instructors from other schools, celebrities, tv producers, socialities, executives, NRL and AFL football players. Learn to become the best in the industry with CorePower Pilates Academy. Our next mat and reformer  certification intake is in March 2024


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