CorePower Pilates in North Sydney is here to help you gain international experience. 

Learning at CorePower Pilates, you will be exposed to New York-style pilates training. Earning a globally recognized certification has become more than just a dream – A tangible reality. 

What you can expect from our teacher training course: 

  1. Gain global Perspective (You will learn the most classical pilates sequences developed by Joseph Pilates and the New York training method)
  2. Access to New York Pilates Academy education
  3. Save your time & effort to travel to New York to experience New York-style Pilates
  4. Gain your competitive advantage in the Job Market 

If you want a global perspective and enhanced employability for personal growth and Pilates enrichment – DM us today to embark on your Pilates instructor career adventure.

CorePower Pilates is a studio next to Milsons Point at Kirribilli. Come and visit us anytime



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