Doing pilates safely during COVID19

Corepower Pilates studio located in North Sydney are taking precautions for clients to exercise safely and to stay COVID safe. We take clients health very seriously and the following steps will be adopted once North Sydney Pilates studio reopens.

Booking online and in pilates studio

  • Online booking system and payment online. Clients enter studio and go straight to equipment. Equipment is spaced at least 1.5m apart and adheres to 4sqm rule for one person. Maximum of 9 people with social distancing to a group class and 1 instructor.  Each equipment is 1.5m apart.
  • On entering the pilates studio North Sydney, ask the client to immediately wash their hands or apply hand sanitiser. Clients also use hand sanitizer at end of class with hand sanitizer. Gloves are available if client wishes to use during class. Clients are reminded to not touch their face during class.
  • Pre-screen all clients prior to their appointment regarding respiratory symptoms and exposure to confirmed COVID-19 cases. If a client answers YES to any of these questions, postpone for at least two weeks and recommend COVID19 test. Do not come to the studio until negative test or as advised by NSW health.
  • Name and contact details of all visitors to the pilates studio North Sydney is always collected online and this helps to facilitate contact in the event of an infection. Details are securely stored.
  • Place hand sanitiser prominently at the entrance and one every equipment cleaning station.
  • Non contact thermometer temperature check as extra precaution of all clients and staff. Clients and staff will be sent home if fever is recorded.
  • Remove magazines, brochures and other potential sources of contamination from the waiting areas.
  • Wipe down all hard surfaces at regular intervals using 70% alcohol.  (High contact surfaces like door handles). Regular cleaning of change rooms. Clients are encouraged to change at home. Door handles is cleaned with 70% alcohol after each class.
  • Maintain recommended social distancing and minimise physical contact. No adjustments unless for safety reasons. 
  • Advise clients at the end of their visit to contact the studio immediately if they or their family members or close contact develop COVID-19. 
  • Staff will wear a mask at all times at the studio.
  • We encourage everyone to download the COVIDSAFE app for contact tracing.

Disinfection of pilates equipment

  • Each client will use one piece of equipment (reformer, tower) during a group class. Clients will be given their own handles to purchase so there is no sharing. Disinfectant station will be at every equipment. Clients will clean all surfaces they have touched after the class. Staff will double clean after client to make sure each equipment has been cleaned with soapy water first and disinfected with 70% alcohol. Staff will use gloves to clean and dispose of rubbish in double bag. Staff thoroughly clean their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after removing gloves after cleaning and disinfection.
  • Each client will bring their own clean towel for use if required.
  • Increased spacing between classes so there is sufficient time for cleaning and disinfection. 

Staff health

  • All staff at Corepower Pilates will remain at home if they have a fever, any symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or COVID-19 and get tested for COVID-19.
  • All staff will wash their hands on arrival at the studio and regularly throughout the day. 
  • Staff have completed COVID-19 infection control online training module available from Australian Government Department of Health.
  • Cooperate with NSW health if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 and notify SafeWork NSW 13 10 50.
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