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The best part of exercising in a small studio is not only the individual attention everyone receives but also the community element of the class. You get to know others and then you may see them in the local area at the vet, food shops or at the local cafe!

To bring everyone together, Corepower Pilates will be sharing a profile of the CPP community each month. This month, we have Susan who has been attending classes at CPP since it opened 6 months ago. She attends the 7am morning  pilates classes in North Sydney.

What made you take on a pilates program?

I had done Tower Pilates before when I lived in the States and it was one of the best things I had ever done for myself. I had discomfort in my lower back and hips at the time and Tower Pilates classes were life changing 15 years ago. I had been looking in Sydney for a chance to do Tower Pilates again and then Corepower Pilates Studio opened up in North Sydney I was thrilled.

What do you like most about Pilates?

I feel energised and stronger. I can see a lot of changes in my body. It is empowering to feel you’re getting strong physically. The studio experience is very personal. I like the community feel in the 7am group. I feel challenged in each class and I have an expectation to keep pushing myself. Pilates is an investment in myself.

What benefits have you seen?

I am getting strong especially in my core and upper body. To develop upper body strength can be difficult especially when much of my life involves sitting at a desk and doing work on a computer.

Challenge you are working on?

Upper body and core strength. It is hard to maintain upper body and core strength without specifically focusing on those areas and Pilates does that.

Advice for people thinking of starting?

I think you have to make a commitment to both experience and understand the benefits so coming two times per week for at least month will give you a sense of those benefits. Tower Pilates is a unique and wonderful workout.

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