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CPP Community Member at Pilates in Milsons Point

Piret is a regular at our Tower Pilates class in Kirribilli. You have probably seen her in the studio! 

What made you take on a Pilates program?

I had a few injuries and hadn’t exercised in a while, so I was keen to rebuild my strength and tone and prevent future injuries. Since it is non-impact, it also doesn’t put stress on my joints. It seemed like the perfect solution for me.

What do you like most about pilates?

I like everything about Pilates! I love that I feel like I have had a workout after every session. The variety of exercises is great, and I also love the focus and concentration I have to apply each session to maximise the benefits – you get to practice mindfulness in every class!

What benefits have you seen?

Lots! My posture has improved, and the pain I always had in my shoulders from working at a computer all day – gone! I am definitely much stronger, and my muscles are more defined – especially around the abs and arms. I also feel taller and more flexible.

Challenge you are working on?

I am always keen to perfect my technique to maximise the benefit of every exercise. The slightest change in movement can make a big difference. I always try to focus on Amy’s every word to ensure my body is in the correct position for each movement. I’m also working on improving my balance – still a bit of work to do!

Advice for people thinking of starting?

Just do it! If you haven’t tried Pilates before, definitely sign up for the Introductory Offer to learn all the basic moves first. It makes the transition to group classes really easy. 

What do you like about the studio?

There is so much to like! 

  • It’s a super clean and professional environment
  • They have the BEST teachers with training in the Classical Joseph Pilates method – I LOVE Amy’s classes
  • Corepower Pilates offers Tower Pilates, which is not available in many other studios and a more intense workout
  • Sebby – Amy’s doggy, who welcomes everyone to every class and is SO cute
  • The many options for times of classes – great for after work
  • The community feel of the studio – everyone is so friendly and lovely – you always leave class feeling happy and uplifted and meet so many great people
  • If you have an injury of any kind, the instructors are super attentive and are very mindful of the exercises you should and shouldn’t do
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