Couples who do Pilates together

This month we talked to Annes and Andrew who have been taking duo pilates classes in North Sydney for the last 3 months. There is definitely a lot of laughing in this class! Taking pilates classes together in North Sydney is a great way for the couple to start the weekend and you also motivate and hold each other accountable.

What made you take pilates classes?

Annes: I decided to take pilates classes because I had back pain from my scoliosis and to improve my posture.

Andrew: I came because of Annes and I followed her along. I suffer from back and shoulder pain as I started working in front of a computer all day. I also had a back injury from Taek Kwon Do many years ago and I suffer from back pain if I don’t condition my body properly. I thought taking pilates classes would help with my body ailments.

What do you like most about pilates classes? What benefits have you seen?

We both noticed we have a stronger core since taking pilates classes. Unlike other sports, there is a focus on alignment and better posture which is beneficial in everyday life. Our posture has improved since taking the pilates classes and we feel more aware of our posture. The better posture lasts for a couple of days and we notice the difference in our body when we miss out on our pilates classes in North Sydney. When we missed a few weeks of pilates, the pain in shoulder pain came back. Taking pilates classes reverses bad posture and negates pain.

Challenge you are working on?

Upper body strength and improving posture.

Advice for people thinking of starting a pilates program?

Tower pilates is very unique. There are so many different exercise sequences and works on the core. Pilates classes uses the inner core muscles and it not just about body sculpting and is unlike other sports.


Annes and Andrew on the pilates reformer and chair


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