Corepower Pilates in 2023

CPP celebrated 5 year anniversary milestone this year! This was only possible for the continued support and love of pilates by our lovely clients! THANK YOU!  

We finally added group reformer classes to the studio this year and this was welcomed by many of our clients adding variety to their workouts! Corepower Pilates still is one of the only studios who offer Classical Pilates Tower classes in Sydney! Our clients still love our signature Tower Pilates classes. 

Amy was able to go back to NYC and learn from third generation Joseph Pilates mentors. She brought back goodies she learned from teachers who were taught by Joseph Pilates students and clients enjoyed new “New York moves.”

CPP upgraded classical pilates equipment and got four new “Rolls Royce” of pilates and new NYC springs for our towers! Clients enjoyed having the classical, original Joseph Pilates springs for their workout. 

CPP Academy was able to run 4 Classical Mat Pilates certification courses and a Reformer Pilates certification this year! Congratulations to all our apprentices who graduated! We had a lot more clients who wanted to learn about pilates for their own body or practice join the Mat Certification courses this year.

Our next course will be in March 2024! EARLY BIRD OFFER get a free private pilates session when you enrol by January 2024!

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