Ready to learn to teach Group Reformer Classes? Corepower Pilates Classical Pilates reformer course provides the highest quality education and Pilates training. We will be running  our next Classical Reformer training instructor course in Sydney, Australia in March 2024! Our teaching tools and training practical standards enable students to obtain the skills to become the best instructor in the industry. Join the course today, get excited, and get ready to learn why we were named top 10 Pilates Studio in Sydney!


Classical Reformer Certification

Our course builds on the original teaching of Joseph Pilates himself. The course will teach the exact order of exercises in the Classical Pilates repertoire and our teacher trainers will help guide you every step of the way. You’ll graduate with the confidence to teach in the real world with real clients!

Join the course today to learn why we have a flawless 5/5 star reviews on Google!


Upon completing the course, you’ll be certified to teach Reformer Pilates to groups, individuals, and virtual classes or in person at a gym or studio. A Classical Pilates Reformer Training Instructor Course with Corepower Pilates in Sydney, Australia prepares you to teach anyone at anywhere in the world!

Why the CorePower Pilates Classical Reformer Training Course?

Why Get Qualified with CorePower Pilates?

The Details:


The Classical Pilates Reformer Course in Sydney at Corepower Pilates includes exercises from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced order.

The Classical Pilates Reformer Course builds on from the teaching and practical foundations  learnt from the Corepower Pilates Mat and/or Tower Certification course.

The course requirements will be a combination of

  • Observation
  • In Studio Practice
  • Practice teaching ‘clients’ and fellow apprentices
  • Taking classes

DATES (Intensive  Teaching weekends)

Beginner reformer – 17 March 2024  

Intermediate reformer – TBC

Advanced reformer –  TBC

Why Classical Pilates?

When practiced classically, the sequence of movements in Classical Reformer Order offers a holistic workout that moves the body through its full range of movement. The sequence – pioneered by Joseph Pilates – kicks off with foundational exercises and gradually escalates to more complex movements as you gain strength and control.

This Classical Pilates Reformer Instructor Course in Sydney, Australia teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced movements and is ideal for Pilates teachers looking to further their education. Our Classical Reformer Pilates training is also popular amongst dancers, fitness trainers, physios, and advocates of holistic body movement looking for a career change. Imagine blossoming from an office job to the dream of teaching Pilates professionally. With Corepower Pilates, there’s no need to imagine! Submit your details now so we can call you back as soon as we can.

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