Classical Pilates Certification Program in Sydney

Hi I am Amy the director of education at Corepower Pilates Academy. Today I want to talk about our Classical Pilates Instructor certification program in Sydney. 

Firstly, we teach a classical Pilates program. And what does that mean? We teach the pilates exercises that follows the order of how Joseph Pilates taught it. Classical pilates teachers also have lineage back to Joseph Pilates himself through third generation teachers. 

And now you may be thinking so what? Why is it important? For me, as a pilates practitioner of 20 years, I know that this classical pilates system works. How do I know it works? Corepower Pilates have clients who come all across Sydney to take classical pilates classes at our studio and they say this is real pilates, they say it feels different in their body to other pilates classes they have taken. An amazing feeling after class they cannot find at another studio. Our studio has over 100 five star Google reviews from our clients. We have taught countless pilates instructors from other schools, celebrities, tv producers, socialites, executives, NRL and AFL football players and general consensus is the same. They feel amazing improving their posture, sports performance and love the results in their body.

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