‘Classic Pilates’ chosen by youtuber Shim Euddeum! How is it different from regular Pilates?

Hello. We are Corepower Pilates located in North Sydney. 

Our studio presents authentic Classic Pilates through professional instructors who have trained in Joseph Pilates’ New York studio. 

Did you know Pilates is divided into classical and modern Pilates? 

After the creation of Pilates, by Joseph Pilates, Pilates was divided into several branches. 

Shim Euddeum, a Pilates instructor and YouTuber with as many as 1.31 million followers, also said she obtained a certificate from Classical Pilates. 



Why did Shim Euddeum get the Classical Pilates license less than a year after getting the Modern Pilates license? 

Watch the video below to find out what Classical Pilates is all about! 👇🏼

Modern Pilates 

🏅Classic Pilates🏅

Relatively small teaching and observation experience

✅Pre-lessons available before starting the course 

Even if the trainer finds it hard to follow a certain move, they just need to be able to teach it well

✅Practice teaching during the certification process 


✅Apprentices makes sure they understand the movements through practicing with their own bodies


It’s not just about teaching with words, 

We exercise on ourselves and change healthily and beautifully! 

So that we can develop our skills to help our clients! 

We work through a systematic and diverse process! 

Pilates instructor and youtuber with 1.31 million followers, Shim Euddeum emphasises 3 things!

1. Physical experience 

2. Teaching experience 

3. Observational experience

These experiences will be covered in the Corepower Pilates certification course held in January and February 2023. 

1. Body experience 

Understanding and practicality is necessary when learning certain movements in Pilates. Hence, improvement from mistakes allows you to strengthen they body and improve your skills. Corepower Pilates helps you to successfully perform various movements. 

2. Teaching and Practical experience 

Pilates is an exercise in which instructors and members constantly communicate and interact. Corepower Pilates not only improves practical skills through practice, but also helps you advance faster through professional provision and feedback from licensed experienced instructors. 

3. Observatory experience

It is important to notice the changes in your body through your movement by observing with the eye! Corepower Pilates allows familiarisation and confidence in your knowledge through both theoretical and practical experience.

In February 2023, Corepower Pilates is conducting preparatory courses to enhance the effectiveness of classes and to obtain certifications in an effective and time-efficient manner.

If you are keen to have a transformative experience of both your body and your career path through Classic Pilates, contact us now. 

We will kindly guide you through the preliminary process with a 30 minute free consultation^^

ABN: 53 604 088 726 

0411 803 635 (contact us through messages) 

Email: info@corepowerpilates.com.au

Instagram: @corepowerpilates

Open from Monday – Sunday

My name is Amy Hong, the principal instructor and director of Corepower Pilates. I suffered from scoliosis for my whole life but through Classic Pilates, I have been living a healthy and happy life. At Corepower Pilates, I am passionate to pass on all my experience and knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact us! See you at Corepower Pilates. 

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