Combined Chair and barrel Certification

Calling all reformer and mat trained instructors! Upskill your Pilates Knowledge with a combined Pilates Chair and Barrel Certification Course. All Pilates apparatus certified instructors are highly regarded among Pilates studio owners! Corepower Pilates will be running this course in June 2024! Join the course today, get excited, and get ready to learn why we have a flawless 5/5 star reviews on google!


Combined Classical Pilates Chair and Barrel Certification

This course can be a a part of the Corepower Pilates Comprehensive Pilates teacher Certification program or for already certified pilates teachers wishing to upgrade their qualifications.

Learn the Classical high chair, Wunda exercises.

All barrel exercises on the High Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Small barrels. 


Upon completing the course you will be certified to teach classical High chair, wunda chair and all exercises on the High Ladder Barrel, small barrels and spine corrector. A Pilates Chair and Barrel Instructor Course with Corepower Pilates in Sydney, Australia will give you the tools to offer more to your clients and be a highly regarded candidate to an employer.

Why the CorePower Pilates Classical Chair and Barrel Training Course?

Why Get Qualified with CorePower Pilates?

The Details:


High Chair

Wunda Chair

23 Beginner to Advanced exercises


Learn collectively 32 exercises on the

  • High Ladder Barrel 
  • Small Barrel
  • Spine Corrector


Chair and Barrel Certification Course

30 June 2024 

Why Classical Pilates?

When practiced classically, the sequence of movements in mat work offers a holistic workout that moves the body through its full range of movement. The sequence – pioneered by Joseph Pilates – kicks off with foundational exercises and gradually escalates to more complex movements as you gain strength and control. With Corepower Pilates, there’s no need to imagine! Submit your details now so we can call you back as soon as we can.

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