FAQ about Pilates

Clients who visit our Pilates Studio North Sydney ask the same questions. We have compiled a list of FAQ about Pilates. How often should I do Pilates? In short, 2-3 times a week. Most people [...]

Why is Fascia important?

Fascia refers to the sheet of connective tissue which covers the whole body from head to toe. Imagine is it like a spider cobweb surrounding each muscle, muscle fibre, bone, blood vessels and our [...]

Pilates for older adults

2 weeks ago one of my older adult clients emailed me after her private pilates session, “Success! I walked all the way home without my (walking) stick – how good is that!!” She [...]


We held our very first dog and pilates class at Corepower Pilates to celebrate Bradfield Bark. Locals from the North Sydney, Milsons Point and Kirribilli brought their dogs for a beginner pilates [...]

DOGILATES (Dogs & Pilates)

Every year North Sydney council holds Bradfield Bark. It will be held on Sunday 26th of May at Bradfield Park in Milsons Point down the road from our pilates studio. To celebrate Corepower [...]

CPP Community

The best part of exercising in a small studio is not only the individual attention everyone receives but also the community element of the class. You get to know others [...]

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