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I have seen some reformer courses which are 3 weeks. Think about when you were learning a new skill like swimming, do you think you ...
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What Makes a good Pilates Certification Course?

We have a comprehensive curriculum covering anatomy, classical pilates exercises order, modifications, mentoring, practice in body and practice teaching in all pilates apparatus. At Corepower ...
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Why Choose a Classical Pilates Certification Program?

Why is the style of pilates important? Amy the director of education, a pilates practitioner of 20 years, knows that this classical pilates system works. ...
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Corepower Pilates Academy Classical Pilates Certification Program

Hi I am Amy the director of education at Corepower Pilates Academy. Today I want to talk about our Classical Pilates Instructor certification program. Firstly, ...
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CPP Community Tower Pilates

CPP Community Member at Pilates in Milsons Point Piret is a regular at our Tower Pilates class in Kirribilli. You have probably seen her in ...
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Classical Pilates Mat Certification Course Sydney

Due to popular demand CPP will be holding another Classical Mat Certification program in July. We are interviewing for the next intake! Level up your ...
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$10 Classical Pilates Apprentice Mat Class

For the first time we will be offering $10 Mat Pilates classes with our apprentices. This is will be for a limited time for the month of ...
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Half price apprentice private sessions

CPP is excited to announce it’s that time of the year again when you can enjoy half price $55 private sessions with our teachers in ...
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Classical Pilates Barrel and chair certification course

CPP Academy is pleased to announce our next Barrels and chair certification course intake will be 30 June 2024.  If you have been observing in the ...
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