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Hello. CorePower Pilates is a premium Pilates Studio Center located in Millsons Point, North Sydney, Australia.

Are you curious about Australian Pilates? Let’s take a look at what classes are held in Australia Pilates and Core Power Pilates, which teach classical Pilates, and how they are evaluated by customers!

What is the most important thing when choosing Australian Pilates, which is famous for its warm weather and developed culture? The most important thing is, above all, the quality of your Pilates class.

Simply spending time in class isn’t an exercise!

If you take a class where you can feel the difference whether you are breathing properly or doing it correctly every time you do all the movements, you will be able to feel your body with different quality through experience.

Let’s take a look at the reviews of the members of Core Power Pilates, which boasts a real 120 Google reviews rating of 5.0!

Some testimonials from our clients;


I did a lot of research before I signed up. 90% of centers — yoga, physical therapy and fitness — were following Pilates. **CorePowerPilates was the only studio that did Pilates that adopted the principles of Joseph Pilates classical Pilates. Amy completed her class in New York City, a classical tower, a refomer training, and her class with meticulous teaching tailored to her needs has made a huge difference in our journey to change!



Core Power Pilates is an amazing studio.

Amy is an instructor and teacher with extensive knowledge, patience and customized classes for everyone’s special needs! Not only has my body become more flexible and strong, but I also have a healthier life since I met core power pilates. I highly recommend this wonderful studio to everyone. Thank you, Amy!

It’s rewarding because so many people are satisfied. Those who come to the core power pilates feel the difference from the quality of the pilates class, so come a lot!

In Pilates Kirribilli, you can learn a variety of instrumental Pilates classes.

Tower Pilates

It is a Pilates class that helps improve core strength and flexibility.

Stretching is included, so you can feel relaxed after exercise, but tower pilates itself has a high level of difficulty. That’s why it’s a class recommended to those who are already learning Pilates rather than beginners.

Refomer Pilates

Unlike other classes, the refomer class is limited to seven people. This class, which can strengthen core muscles and the whole body, is a class that even Pilates beginners can attend.

The Kirribilli Pilates classes based on this are as follows.

Individual & Duet (Private Class)

It’s a private class in Kirribilli where you can listen to 1:1 or 2:1 with your Pilates instructors using a variety of Pilates instruments, such as lipomers and towers. The strength of this class is that I can align my workout with my workout goals.

If you have a physical injury, seek private coaching from Amy, who has learned traditional classical Pilates, or another instructor.

Group pilates Classes Milsons Point

Group Pilates classes Milsons Point are limited to a maximum of ten people, and the number of people the instructors can control is limited. If you want to take a variety of classes reasonably, I recommend the group class.

Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates Class

Pregnancy is such a meaningful thing! We’re preparing for childbirth, managing pelvic and back pain to help you recover, and conducting classes to help with other musculoskeletal problems.

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