Honestly, It is heartbreaking to see more and more people being misled by their so-called “qualified trainer” Getting certification is way too easy nowadays. Pilates instructor certification is not purely bookwork, with no experience added. It is downright dangerous for clients. Considering those three/ four weeks certification courses, do you think those participants involve a considerable amount of practical and theory work to complete?? These short-course graduate pilates instructors even don’t know what they are doing. Stop your mind and do your research on Google, reviewing structured pilates programs and the background of the training program director. At CPP Academy, we are confident if you put in the hard work and go through our comprehensive program that takes months to fulfill, we want to ensure you graduate as an excellent teacher and are equipped with certain experiences. Our Pilates director Amy is a Pilates practitioner of 20 years and knows how an effective classical Pilates system works, she is confident to say she will provide you with the best Pilates learning and teaching experience. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients become premium teachers in Sydney through the comprehensive program that she designs. CPP’s next mat and reformer certification course intake is in March 2024. Click the yellow button down below for more
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