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Principal Instructor and Director

Amy is the principal instructor and director of Corepower Pilates. She discovered pilates in 2004 when she started taking mat classes.

Amy suffers scoliosis. Her profession as an optometrist and scoliosis led to body ailments and she found pilates was the best way to overcome this. It transformed her body by improving her posture and made her physically stronger.

Amy lived in New York City in 2011 and soon discovered a whole new world of pilates and the Classical Pilates Method. It was different to the classes she had taken in Australia. New York is the home of pilates, Joseph Pilates immigrated there in in the early 1920s and opened the first studio.

Amy fell in love with pilates and it soon became her passion. Her passion for pilates brought her back to New York a few years later and she become a fully certified pilates instructor in the Classical Pilates Method at Core Pilates NYC, an all apparatus program with over 700 apprentice training hours. She also furthered her pilates studies by obtaining pilates certification with Peak Pilates a worldwide classical pilates education program.

Amy continues to workshops and classes in NYC. She regularly travels to New York for continuing education. Some of the teachers she was taught by were elders who were trained by Joseph Pilates himself. She has worked with an orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapists in NYC on lower back pain management, and loves anatomy being a science nerd. She has special interest in scoliosis, chronic pain/injuries and prenatal/postnatal pilates, and has a keen eye for detail and technique.

Amy lives in North Sydney and also taught pilates at North Sydney Olympic Pool. She also has TRX, prenatal and postnatal pilates certification from New York.



Rose is a certified pilates instructor and trained in the Classical Pilates Method with Romana Classical Pilates Korea. She has been teaching pilates since 2015 and started pilates when she sustained a fall injury due to her incorrect gait. She wanted to correct her posture and came upon the pilates method. She pursued her Romana Classical Pilates certification. She furthered her studies in injuries and prenatal and postnatal pilates. Rose also has instructor training experience in Romana Classical Pilates. She was the teacher trainer for Romana Pilates Classical instructor certification programs in Korea.  

한국에서 클래식 필라테스 스튜디오를 운영하며, 산전 산후, 키즈, 실버 필라테스 등 특수한 케이스들을 전문으로 가르치고 있습니다. 또한, 로마나 클래식필라테스 강사 교육 경험이 있어 강사들을 위한 전문적인 교육도 가능합니다




Vivian is a certified pilates instructor and trained in the Classical Pilates Method with Power Pilates in New York and in Contemporary pilates with Polestar. She taught pilates in Florida for 10 years and has been teaching pilates for over 15 years. She also holds a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and was a Power Pilates teacher trainer for the instructor certification program in the United States. Vivian has extensive experience in different injuries and conditions. Clients love her dynamic pilates class in Kirribilli, attention to detail and different variations.

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