About Corepower Pilates

Corepower Pilates in North Sydney is the first studio in Sydney’s Lower North Shore to provide group wall mounted tower pilates classes. Tower pilates classes are one of the most popular classes in New York where pilates originated. Corepower Pilates studio director Amy trained in New York and brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the classes.

Tower pilates combines mat work with the resistance of springs and bars for an entire body workout. The pilates tower is upright and works muscles at different angles and the pilates workout is more intensive with a tower than a reformer. It is great for pregnant, prenatal and postnatal women as it allows pilates exercises to be performed in an upright position. We also offer reformer pilates.

At Corepower Pilates, we use Peak Pilates Towers and Gratz reformer imported from the US. The apparatus units honour Joseph Pilates original designs preserving the integrity of Classical Pilates exercises which are critical for the exercises. Gratz is the original Pilates apparatus manufacturer and exact specifications/dimensions/proportions used by Joseph Pilates himself in NYC.

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