Proudly teaching classical Pilates for 10 years, Amy never found herself stopping learning Pilates, and mastering her Pilates techniques to contribute to her beloved students at Core Power Pilates. Thus, she flew to New York again after a decade to train master instructors. As she excels in knowing how the classical Pilates system works, she usually brings her clients’ experience to the next level. Based on the Google reviews of CPP, many clients mentioned that she provides a completely different experience from another studio, she brings authentic Pilates to Sydney to help her students feel magic in their bodies. Amy is also confident to say she will make you become a premium Pilates instructor regarding her 10+ years teaching countless students, other pilates instructors, celebrities, TV producers, etc., and 3+ years hosting teacher training courses in her studio, to help people pursue their dreams. Let’s learn to become the best in the industry with Core Power Pilates Academy. The last chance to sign up for the mat and reformer certification course intake is in March 2024.  
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