6 benefits that you may OVERLOOK about classical Pilates  Full-body workout: Pilates exercise engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, the movements usually cover the muscles of your whole body.  Enhance flexibility: Pilates exercises involve dynamic movements that promote better movement of your body to enhance your flexibility and joint mobility.  Better Breathing: The father of classical Pilates @Joseph Pilates emphasizes his exercises are vital connections between respiration and exercise. Pilates has proper breathing techniques to enhance movement efficiency and overall well-being, which maximizes oxygen supply to working tissues while they contract.  Prevent injury: Pilates helps stabilize your joints, so it  Concentration: Pilates is always a form of the mind-body connection that focuses on breath and movement coordination to enhance one’s mindfulness and body awareness, it is beneficial to your mental clarity and concentration in the long run.  Suitable for All ages: Regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, Pilates is not a low-impact that minimize stress on joints, it improves the quality of life for everyone.
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