The best classical Pilates in Sydney?? what is classical pilates?

CorePower Pilates in North Sydney offers the most classical Pilates workout for you. But do you know the differences between modern and classical Pilates?

Indeed, both can offer benefits for your health and fitness, depending on your preferences and needs.


▪️Classical: Follows the original exercises created by Joseph Pilates, with 34 mat exercises that he described in his book Return to Life Through Contrology

▫️Modern: usually creates variations, modifies order, and adds new movements to the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates

2️⃣types of equipment

▪️Classical: uses the original apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates, such as the Reformer, the Tower/Wall unit, the Toe and Foot Correctors, etc.

▫️Modern: often introduces new equipment or uses props like fitness balls, foam rollers, and resistance bands

3️⃣Exercise goals

▪️Classical: emphasizes the mind-body connection, breathing techniques, and precision of movement. Also highly focus on one’s powerhouse- the center of our body to initiate every movement.

▫️Modern: Focuses on functional movement patterns, which are beneficial to weight loss, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

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