2024 Resolution | Turning your pilates passion into a rewarding career


“You are capable of turning your passion into a rewarding career”

CPP director and owner Amy Hong trained in New York, where the first ever Pilates studio opened in 1926. She got her instructor qualification in NYC and brought all the techniques she had learned in NYC back to her studio in Sydney.

Joining our class at CPP, you can
1. Easily access to New York Pilates training style
2. Learn the most classical Pilates method & the original sequence of 34 exercises

that Joseph Pilates developed for the mat
3. Reduce the need for traveling to other places to experience the New York-style Pilates
4. Experience fun and challenging workouts that highly focus on your core (powerhouse)
5. Develop mental and physical awareness

Pilates Teacher Training in Sydney (Milisons Point) will be held in March 2024. You will get a discount if you sign up now 🙂


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