2024 resolution “Pilates is compete on quality, not price.” | Sydney classical Pilates

2024 resolution
high quality Pilates Studio
Sydney“Compete on quality, not price.” 

CorePower Pilates has been open in North Sydney for over 5 years now and is proud to be one of Sydney’s premium studios.

Amy is a trained instructor who has spent over 20 years deepening her understanding of Pilates in New York and Sydney.

Amy’s loyal client base loves her teaching methods. Because she insists on teaching with the most authentic classical Pilates movement choreography developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Each CPP course emphasizes the importance of alignment/breathing and core strength. Helping clients focus on the mind-body connection and using the breath to move more efficiently.

CorePowerPilates helps you become knowledgeable, professional, and responsive in Pilates. Never before have you experienced a Pilates class of such high quality and solving body problems you didn’t even notice.

Join our upcoming teacher training in March this year 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you in the studio in North Sydney.


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